We’ve all had those days where we just need a pick-me-up. Well, Elevate is there to do just that: Elevate you! This oil is our mood booster and it was formulated to help with the winter blues. Or, all the blues. It also has antiviral properties so it can help boost your immunity. Maybe we should have called this oil Everything because you can even use this as your everyday perfume because it also smells amazing! It even works in your hair as a great smelling hair treatment. Or, simply roll it on our essential oil roller bracelets to enjoy the scent and the pick-me-up wherever you go.

Roll this blend anywhere you would put on perfume; on your wrists, neck and behind your ears. It can also be used on the bottom of your feet for additional therapeutic benefit. This blend has notes of Ylang Ylang, tangerine, frankincense, rose and more! Who knows? This blend may even be your go to perfume!

Made with:

  • 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils
  • Organic fractionated coconut oil
  • Non GMO

To use:

  • Shake bottle well and apply anywhere you would perfume

* PLEASE NOTE: Each oil is handmade with love and usually ships within 3-5 business days. No refunds or exchanges. *Safe for most children 16 and up, check with their doctor first.

* DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Results may vary.


Weight 0.09375 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 0.875 × 3.5 in

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