For a limited time, we have made some of our most popular blends into mini bundles so you can stock up for the holidays at a discounted price. Meet our Aphrodisiac Bundle. These blends smell so good on their own as perfumes but of course have therapeutic benefit to them all. Each blend has been shown to work as an aphrodisiac (especially the love blend) Don’t believe me? Try it!!

This romantic sensual blend will not only make you feel sexy and beautiful but it will also help act as a little bit of an aphrodisiac! Wear this as a perfume with of course healing benefits. The main notes in this blend are Rose, Ylang Ylang and grapefruit. I have personally put this to the test and it WORKS. So excited for you guys to try this one!


Kelly: Changes monthly based on Kelly’s mood and the oils chosen for that month, but this blend will always please even the most discerning tastes. This particular blend is super popular and turns heads whenever – and wherever – it’s worn. The main note in this version is Jasmine, and it’s a very fresh, Citrus-y, and romantic blend. Go on, apply it and see for yourself. It’s captivating! 


BFF: Trustworthy, dependable, and always there when you need them. The perfect description for your best friend. Since we couldn’t legally bottle your best friend, we did the next best thing and created the BFF Roller. BFF is our body oil, but in a roller perfume because you loved the smell so much! Now you can increase circulation and neutralize free radicals anywhere and at any time, while refreshing the delicious fragrance of our body oil. This roller will be your Best Friend Forever!

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 0.5 × 9.5 in

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