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A big part of my daily wellness routine is to have different healthy teas throughout the day. I’ve built in a few different teas to my routine and each one has amazing health and wellness benefits and I wanted to share them with you! I start with a morning matcha instead of coffee and it’s made such a difference in my energy levels, without all the jitteriness that you get from coffee. For me, it’s been a much healthier way to start off the day. It provides such clarity, focus and alertness to my day! 

Another tea that I love and try to have every day is Moringa tea. I usually do a Moringa – Turmeric tea to get that extra anti-inflammation boost, but there are other options like Moringa-Ginger tea too that are great! 

The next tea I highly recommend is the Chocolate Rooibos tea that me and my family love! It has a nice subtly chocolate flavor with such amazing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties from the rooibos. 

Last, but certainly not least,  but last up in my daily routine is Chamomile tea! I love this Chamomile and Lavender tea, but you can do straight camomile if you want. Chamomile tea is so relaxing and soothing and when I combine it with my Madison Charles Zen and Sleepy roller, I fall asleep in no time! I love to make a tea latte and have a protein cookie dough ball as a nighttime snack – it really is the best before bed routine. 

You can find out about all the great benefits of all the teas in my rotation below, plus you can get your own, since everything is linked! Let me know in the comments what your favorite tea is and why!

I can’t start my day without my morning matcha. I can live without the coffee jitters forever though! Matcha is made from baby green tea leaves that are rich with L-theanine that helps you focus, be more alert, more productive, and helps you take on the day. I never skip my morning matcha these days. My go-to right now is the Cymbiotika matcha, but if you want a cheaper option, Jade Leaf also makes a great organic one.

Next up is Moringa tea. Moringa is loaded with anti-oxidants and is anti-inflammatory, can help lower cholesterol, boost your mood, I mean Moringa is a super food for sure! I usually get this  Moringa Turmeric tea, but for some reason it’s only available in a pack of six on Amazon, so I’m going to give this other option that’s Moringa Ginger but I mean, if you want to get the pack of six and split them with friends or give as gifts, that’s also an option!

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! We love this Chocolate Rooibos Tea in our house! It’s made with cacao that has great anti-oxidant properties, plus rooibos that’s also loaded with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and is great for your skin. 

This tea is part of my nighttime ritual, every night. Of course chamomile is relaxing and soothing, it can also help with digestion, pms, and help prevent osteoporosis (who knew?!) – it’s a great tea for all women to make part of their nightly routine! I also pair it with my Zen roller and Sleepy oil and the combination of the tea and essential oil rollers together is a recipe for helping me pass out! I barely make it off the couch after I’ve had my tea and rolled on my Zen and Sleepy (ok, sometimes I just pass out ON the couch… you’ve been warned!!)


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