favorite at home facial tools

I love that you don’t need to go to an aesthetician anymore to get professional results at home. I tested out a few of the most popular at home devices and wanted to share my favorites with you.


nuFACE skin tool

The top at home device in my opinion is the NuACE microcurrent deviceAfter one single use you will see a difference. Skin appears tighter, more lifted and wrinkles are smoother. This is a great way to prevent wrinkles in the future if you continue to use it regularly. It takes 5 minutes a day. All you do is apply a mask like layer of the gel that is provided and go over each section in an upward motion 3 times. This device wins as far as the quickest results for me.


gua sha face crystal

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of crystals! Rose quartz is one of my favorites and I have it on me at all times. This one from Skin Gym is really relaxing to use. It helps smooth the skin, its great for lymphatic drainage and all around just a relaxing treatment. It’s fairly inexpensive so a great option. I like to apply my moisturizer and then glide it on my face and neck. Rose quartz is a beautifying crystal that helps ease tension, stress and anxiety, increase self-love and promote feelings of well being.


nurse jamie triangle facial tool

This tool is like the Gua Sha above but with sonic vibration and heat. It felt good to use but not really sure it did anything. Maybe with continued use I might see some results but I wasn’t dying over this especially for the price point. I personally prefer the Rose Quartz Gua Sha one.

This is how Nurse Jamie describes it:

The Triangle is a unique sonic face massager that helps to restore glow and firmness to the face when used with any Nurse Jamie serum, eye cream, or your favorite moisturizer. It helps to refresh your face by targeting the most problematic areas, including your eye area, brows, lip lines, cheeks, and chin. This revolutionary beauty tool has two specialized massaging modes: Normal or Heated. Get the most of your eye serums, moisturizers, and luxury face oil with the Triangle hi-frequency sonic technology that allows skincare products to absorb better into the skin for optimal results.


nurse jamie facial roller

I like this roller because again I believe in the healing power of crystals. It feels really good and helps uplift your skin and depuff.

Nurse Jamie says:

The Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller is an innovative beauty tool for the face and body featuring a unique hexagon shape that holds 24 massaging stones to temporarily energize, enhance, revive, and uplift your skin. The Uplift utilizes a unique rhythmic rolling action, replicating the techniques used in my signature facials at our exclusive spas to help improve the appearance of skin tone for a more renewed, youthful-looking you.

It’s a good option at a medium price point and I do like using mine. It’s portable and easy to use.

So what do you think? Which of these would you try?


Please note I do make a small commission on products purchased. Your support means the world to me.

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