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Welcome to Kelly’s Kitchen where if I don’t break something, burn something or make a huge mess, you are probably in the wrong kitchen! Eventually I get it right and I love the process. What you will find here are healthier options of your favorite sweet and savory dishes. All my recipes are quick, easy, gluten-free and can be easily made vegan or vegetarian with a few substitutions. If you are someone who is overwhelmed by complicated recipes or just don’t have the time, this is the place for you. My recipes are all clean, healthy and full of flavor. Healthy eating has never been more exciting.

Easy Dinners


Happy Monday babes! As you know, I am still on this plant based way of eating. I am exploring fun, satisfying ways to continue to eat the things I loved before in a little bit of a healthier way. If you know me then you know I am a major sushi lover. I literally could live on it and be happy forever.

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kale, carrot and chicken soup
Kelly's Kitchen


Ok we have talked about the importance of meal prep. Here is a great recipe for a soup which I normally make on Sundays and it lasts me the whole week. It’s great for lunch, snack or with dinner. It is so healthy and more important delicious!!! The original recipe is on but that one requires you to make your own broth and chicken which I just do not have the time to do. So this is a little simpler.

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