Kelly & Katrina Live episode 1 – Skincare

Kelly & Katrina Live episode 1 – Skincare

Kelly & Katrina Live episode 1 – Skincare 1920 1798 Madison Charles

Hey guys! It was so much fun going live with you today. As promised, below are the products we spoke about.

Clarisonic Face Brush


I have been using this for about 10 years now religiously. I swear this gets 10 times more dirt and makeup off than washing alone!


The oils in this blend fight wrinkles, acne and literally make your skin GLOW! I have been using them for years and swear by them.


This stuff is the best. I dont’ know if its nostalgia but I used it throughout my pregnancy and the smell makes me so happy! It’s so gentle on the skin but cleanses well and never leaves that tight feeling.



This is your answer to everything acne! Its healing but won’t leave your skin flakey and dry. It helps kill bacteria to prevent future breakouts and minimize pimples overnight!

Some other products mentioned:

Dyson air purifier


Joanna Vargas vitamin C

Nuface facial toner

Avene Nourishing cream

Loving Tan Self Tanner

Herbal Dynamic Vitamin K

What are some of your favorites? Comment on my Instagram for a chance to win beauty products!


Madison Charles