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This months oils are DIGEST and UNWIND.

DIGEST was specifically formulated for everyone who was requesting an oil to help with metabolism and stomach issues. Rolling Digest on your stomach aids in digestion, heartburn and any stomach upset you may have. I have tested this on myself and my husband Darin for years and the results are incredible.

UNWIND was formulated specifically for me during this pregnancy. Not only am I looking for any way to destress and help with aches and pains related to pregnancy but I am always looking for extra ways to keep my skin hydrated to prevent any stretch marks. Unwind is a bath oil which can also be used as a body oil. The base is oilve and argan oil so it is incredibly nourishing for the skin. This blend smells AMAZING!! I feel like I am at a spa every time I use it. With notes of lavender, jasmine, rose, roman chamomile, and more, this blend will take away all of your daily stresses. If you use it as a body oil, it will nourish, hydrate and also be your daily perfume!

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Madison Charles