WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!! 2500 1656 Madison Charles

WOW! This has been the hardest thing to keep a secret!! I feel like all i’ve been doing is lying to everyone! We are SOOOOO excited to announce that we are expecting! This journey has been incredible so far. Definitely challenging at times but we are so grateful to be experiencing this. I am so in awe of the female body and what we can do. I will get into more detail about my journey and have so much pregnancy content coming your way! Here is the link to our original announcement in People Magazine

The first trimester I literally couldn’t get off the couch. I was so tired and nauseous.  I have never in my life stayed in pajamas all day but for the first 3 weeks its all I could do. Then the movie offer for A Very Corgi Christmas came in, I thought there is no way I can travel and work feeling this way. I barely have the energy to take a shower! But then I read the script and immediately thought there’s no way I can’t do this!! My co stars were going to be a puppy, a kid and a love interest. How could I not do this?! The script was so adorable and such a feel good movie and it would be my first time playing a mom. I thought how special will this be to tell my kid one day? That he or she was a part of it? Darin gave me the best pep talk and told me that I could do anything so I accepted and flew off to freezing cold Toronto!

When I started filming, I still basically had a flat tummy. As shooting progressed, my pants started getting tighter and tighter. Every time wardrobe turned around I either had a grilled cheese, waffle or mac and cheese in my hand. She would look at me like I was crazy! So I had to let her in on my little secret. All I wanted were those carbs! Most actresses eat super healthy while working, especially when they can’t do their pants up! It was a hard secret to keep for sure, but I just had tell her. If I didn’t eat every 2 hours on the dot I would get so nauseous, so basically all I was doing was eating and gaining weight while filming. It was definitely not what I’m used to! My body started to change and I started gaining weight. Most of you know I have been a health and fitness fanatic my whole life so this was definitely a hard adjustment. I really didn’t care though. It’s all so worth it!! My producers and director took such good care of me on set and the whole experience was so incredibly special. Everyone on this film was incredible and even though most of them had no idea, having them be a part of this moment in my life was so special to me and I will never ever forget it. Working long hours on set during the first trimester was really challenging but it also really helped the time go by faster. Before I started filming, the days felt like months just waiting for that first ultrasound, paying attention to every symptom but once I got busy working, time started to fly. I am so grateful for it.

I am so excited for you all to come on this journey with us. Your love support and well wishes mean so much to us! Feel free to ask any questions or request any specific posts or videos below! I have lots of great stuff coming up that I can finally share with you guys!!

Love Kelly xx


Madison Charles