CLIFF JUMPING! How my husband saved a life… (or I like to think so)

CLIFF JUMPING! How my husband saved a life… (or I like to think so)

CLIFF JUMPING! How my husband saved a life… (or I like to think so) 1956 1292 Madison Charles

With my husband having grown up in Hawaii, he’s basically a fish. He loves the water and when we come here we get to hit all the local spots tourists don’t really know about. One of these locations is this one right here (I can’t tell you because then it won’t be a secret spot! You will just have to come to Hawaii with us sometime)

We are having such a great time on the island. Some much needed R&R.  While I was getting some sun ( of course lathered in sunscreen) Darin was jumping off the cliff as he does. We noticed these younger kids making fun of one of the girls who didn’t really want to jump in. Finally she gathered her courage (and gave in to peer pressure) and took the leap. Her friends cheered her on and clapped for her courage.  She seemed fine and like she was havubg fun. She swam for a little and then decided it was time to get out. The problem was, in order to get out, you have to wait for a wave to come and lift you up, then you quickly have to get up on the rock and turn around so your bathing suit bottom will stick to the rock so you won’t slip, wait for the wave to pass and climb the rest of the way. Her first attempt to get back onto the rocks she smashed her face and fell back into the water. Luckily Darin was in the water and  offered some help. He noticed her breathing begin to get labored and she was about to panic. Having done this before (who knew I married a real life Zac Efron from Baywatch) He talked to her, keeping her calm and telling her exactly what she needed to do. After two attempts, he finally got her safely on the rocks. She walked away with a fat lip, very shaken but completely fine thankfully.

The climb up.

The moral of the story is this. Don’t ever give in to peer pressure, ever. If it doesn’t feel right to you, don’t do it. But if you decide to do it anyway, make sure Darin is there to save the day! ha!  All in all, It was a great day. We left there, ate a giant plate lunch, got some shave ice and relaxed. Hope you’re all having a beautiful weekend babes!

Madison Charles