Why I love Olaplex!

Why I love Olaplex!

Why I love Olaplex! 745 740 Madison Charles

If you are someone who has ever laid bleach on your hair you need this product. Period. I was tempted to end this post right here but let me back this up a little for you. I have been bleaching my hair for years. Luckily, I have really thick, strong hair. I really thought it was indestructible. Everyone would complain about how damaged their hair was but no matter how many times I highlighted it, my hair always stayed healthy. Until I decided to darken it and then in the same month lighten it again. First of all, don’t EVER do that if you can avoid it. The first time I put a curling iron to my hair post doing this change back it broke. I was DEVASTATED!!! My hair was starting to break, my ends looked fried and I was just utterly devastated. I had just gotten a haircut and someone said “Once you get a haircut you’ll be fine” cue the tears. 

I started doing at home hair masks (you know i’m a DIY junkie) I used all the oils – coconut, olive threw some raw egg and honey in there I was desperate. While all these things helped, nothing was as drastic as this treatment. I have been using it once a week for the past month and my hair has finally been restored!! It feels strong, shiny and hasn’t been breaking. I swear by this stuff. And for the record, I am not being paid by Olaplex nor did they send me this product. I paid for it at Sephora full price. It’s just amazing.

What do you think? Would you try Olaplex? 

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