ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS! 150 150 Madison Charles

As an actress, I have to read a lot of scripts in my daily life. I would say that always gives me my fill of fantasy and fiction. When it comes to books, I often go for the non fiction, biographical,  self help or fiction with a spiritual message or lesson. I am always looking to better myself and receive enlightenment whenever possible. 

There are certain books that I have read a few times in my life and every time I read them I get something different out of it. The Alchemist is one of them. I have probably read it 5 times front to back at least.

Below I have attached a few of my all time favorite non fiction books. What are some of yours?

  • Anything fantasy or health. Im reading a good one at the moment called Heal Your Gut by Lee Holmes. ☺?

  • I’ve also recently purchased The Alchemist after your recommendation only to find out my son was going to buy it as well after hear it was good. Thank-you for all your info ☺ really enjoy following you.

Madison Charles