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Hey babes! It’s travel day! I have a piece coming out in soap opera digest showcasing my travel essentials so look out for that on stands Juu 11th but for now Here is how I travel.

Due to past experiences I get terrified of losing my luggage so since I always pack 2 days worth of clothes and my cosmetics in my carry on bag which is why you see a rolley bag in all my travel look photos. 

Here is what I will always wear on travel day.

A jacket or a sweater. I don’t care what time of year it is, I am always freezing in airports and on planes! you will always see me in a leather (or suede) in this case or even a denim jacket or sweater. Jeans because I like to use my back pockets a lot for my phone, boarding pass and easy to get to hand sanitizer (Yes, I am a germaphobe) 


Comfy shoes! Running around an airport on a long travel day is never fun. Just please find yourselves some comfortable shoes. I have to say these Rag and Bone Newbury boots I bought over 5 years ago for $500. I remember being torn about whether or not I should spend the money. Then I got an offer to do a Guest Star on a great show and had a nice check coming in so I said why not. No joke, I have worn these shoes almost everyday for the last 5 years. They stay in amazing condition (haven’t even had to get them re soled yet) and are SOOOOO comfortable. I travel in them all the time when i want some height and a boot that I could slide on and off easily through security. I promise these are the best investment in shoes you will ever make. 

Next option is a cute pair of white tennis shoes like adidas or Gucci if your budget is bigger. They look cute and are comfy but they’re white and they will get dirty if you’re anything like me. Just be comfy do what feels right to you.

I always have a pair of sweats and a big hooded sweatshirt to change in to on the plan for sleepy time. Yes I became seven because I am sitting on the plane in my cozy sweats curled up w a blank getting ready to sleep as I write this!

A tank underneath in case you get hot.

Extra socks for the plane.

2 days worth of clothes and cosmetics like i said before.

Protein bar because I’m always hungry.

very minimal jewelry.

What are your go to travel looks? Comment below! 

And now I am really going to sleep.

See you in Monte Carlo! xo

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