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It’s Wednesday and in honor of #WomanCrushWednesday I am honoring the ridiculously talented, amazing women in my life who happen to be kicking butt right now. What I’ve learned is that who you surround yourself with is the most important part of succeeding in life. Being around loving, supportive people who want to see you do well is the best way to achieve your goals both personally and professionally. Haters will always hate and we don’t have any time for that. Invest your time wisely into real people who genuinely care about your wellbeing and happiness in life and who are there for you no matter what. Who are always honest with you and are as real in front of your face as they are behind your back. I am so lucky to be surrounded by these kinds of women. They are so inspiring in how much they are accomplishing professionally, personally and on top of that, they always find a way to give back. I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for being so supportive in all we do. Whether it be a TV show we are starring or guest starring on, a new movie, or other side ventures (like this blog!) you all continue to support us and we are so grateful for that. Any time you start a new venture, it is always scary but your reception and response is always what keeps us going, So thank you so much from the bottom of all of our hearts!

These women are not only people I love with all my heart but they are also women who are branching out and doing other things outside of acting. Whether it be devoting their time to charity, photography, blogging or producing films they are simply out there kicking ass and making things happen for themselves.

Perrey Reeves

You have seen her as Mrs. Ari on Entourage (Movie is out now so go see it!!) Caitlyn on Covert Affairs and about a million other movies and TV shows. Perrey is an amazing actress. She is also an incredibly giving person. When she’s not working, she devotes her time to amazing causes such as International Fund for Animal Welfare and Sea Shepherd, She has also been there for me personally through some pretty hard times and always gives the best advice. She has been an incredible support system for me. She is obviously an animal lover and has adopted several over the years and provided them with the best life (most people want to come back as Perrey’s dog in their next life!) What many of you may not know is that she also has spent a good portion of her life devoted to Yoga and Meditation. She got me into it and it’s made an incredible difference in my life. She loved the lifestyle so much that she opened an eco conscious yoga retreat and training center in Costa Rica called The Sanctuary at Two Rivers. This place is your “go to” for everything zen! Click on this link to learn more about the retreat and the amazing things Perrey is doing.
Follow Perrey on Instagram @PerreyReeves

You may know her from The Walking Dead, American Horror Story (hot maid Moira?) or many other TV shows and movies she has popped up in over the years. When I think of the words “empowering woman” Alex is one of the first people to come to mind. She is a loyal and devoted friend and always puts her girls first. We met while filming a movie together. It was my first film and I had no idea what I was doing! Alex made the experience the absolute best for me and I learned a lot from her. She has been there for me ever since. I literally lived on her couch for 2 months and shared her bed at one point when I was transitioning my life. Alex is a strong woman who doesn’t sugar coat anything. She just simply does what she says she will and follows through. She is very talented in many different art forms and if she’s never tried it, she will. I once mentioned wanting to learn how to knit and for my next christmas present, instead of just getting me lessons, she went and learned it herself and then sat there for hours teaching me. She is simply wonderful. She also happens to be a ridiculously talented photographer. For as long as I’ve known her, she has always had an eye and passion for photography. She has had many successful sold out photography shows in Los Angeles. She’s amazing. Check out her work right here.
Follow Alex on Instagram and Twitter @AlexandraBreck @Alexandrabreck_1

Jacqueline M Wood

You may know her as Steffy Forrester on The Bold & The Beautiful, Traveling the world for her E! show Party On, or all the cool movies and guest stars she has done. You may also be a fan of hers as a DJ or any of her millions of campaigns as a model. You name it, She is doing it. When I think of Jacqui 2 words come to mind: fierce and fearless. I am in awe of this woman. She too is extremely loyal. Jacqui has stepped up for me in ways I never expected. Maybe it’s that were both Canadian or maybe its just how genuine she is, but the minute I met her it was like we’ve known each other for years. She is as real as they come and I’m so grateful to have this girl by my side. How she has the time in the day to add yet another amazing project to her long list is beyond me but Jacqui has something big launching soon. I can’t reveal much but what I can say is that you will love it! Be one of the first to know and be a part of it by subscribing to her site right here!
Intagram: @Jacquelinemwood_1 Twitter: @Jacquelinemwood Snapchat Jacquimwood

Frankie Shaw

You may know her from Blue Mountain State, Mixology or her long list of movies and guest stars. Frankie is the real deal. I have so much respect and admiration for this girl. She is one of the the most nurturing and considerate friends I have. Most of the time, my friends see me as the strong one, Frankie is the one that knows sometimes I like to be babied and cared for. She’s always the first one to check in on me and bring me soup if I’m sick, pushes me to be my best when I may be off track and just all around supports me in anything and everything. She is a mom to a genius 7 year old named Isaac, is starring on 2 TV shows right now ( Mr. Robot premiering June 24th on USA and a pilot for ABC family called Tough Cookie) AND she just won best short at Sundance this year for her film SMILF. If thats not enough, She just sold her short to Showtime that she is writing, producing and starring in. I mean this girl is on fire! She also has a few other projects she is writing and has big plans for. You can see Frankie’s film Smilf in the Sundance Short Film Tour starting next week! Click here to find showtimes near you.
Instagram, Twitter @FrankieshawisaG

Bre Blair

You may know her from Benched, Legit or starring opposite all of our idols in Last Vegas. Bre is my sister from another mister. Period. She has been there through it all. Bre is the type of friend who doesn’t coddle you or feel sorry for you if things aren’t going the way you might want. She is the person who tells you to change it and move on. She is someone who always does what she says she will and will drop everything to be there for a friend no matter what time of day or what she might have going on. She calls me on me shit and there isn’t a beauty, diet or exercise fad we haven’t tried together. I have gotten myself into some pretty hilarious situations with my little Bre bear. When were together, we laugh so hard we actually leave with abs. I love this girl like family. We have a connection that is extremely rare. I couldn’t be more proud of her. She just booked the female lead in NBC’s new show Game Of Silence and she is amazing in it! It airs early 2016 and I can’t wait for you guys to see it! She also is about to produce her first film. So proud and lucky to have this girl in my life. She is truly a special one.
Twitter:@Breblair1 Instagram: @brabrabre

Kim Matula

You may know her as Hope Logan on The Bold & The Beautiful or from starring opposite Scott Eastwood in Dawn Patrol. Kim and I have travelled the world together in the last year and she was very involved in helping my fiancé Darin pull off the incredible proposal in Paris. We have been to Monte Carlo. Paris, Amsterdam and well, Vegas of course! We have had so much fun and grown to be so close. Kim is one of my closest friends because there is nobody out there that can match my sushi eating ability but her. Jokes aside, She is always there for me when I need her and such a loving, supportive friend. She’s the friend who would drop everything and be there in a heartbeat if you ever needed her for anything at all. Kim is a lover of all animals and has adopted several kittens over the years. If she could save them all she would. She just recently added 2 new little kittens to her family that are just adorable! Kim loves and frequently donates to Animal Defenders International click on the link to learn more about how you can help this very important cause and stay tuned for an awesome fundraiser Kim is putting together to raise money for the cause!
Instagram: @Kimbpics

Linsey Godfrey

You may know her as Caroline Spencer on The Bold & The Beautiful and this last year she took on her most important role of all: mom. Linsey is an incredible mother to her gorgeous daughter Aleda. Lins and I became friends a couple years ago. This is how it went: We saw each other from across the room, walked up to each other, hugged and became best friends that instant. I say best friends for a reason. I joke with Linsey all the time that she doesn’t have friends, she either has best friends or no friends. There is no in between. I adore this about her because there is no half- assing it. She’s either all in or she’s out. She has been so supportive of me in all that I do and I just love her so much. Linsey is a fighter. She survived stage 3 lymphoma and came back stronger than ever. The first time we had lunch, we were talking about birthdays. Most people as they get older may hate birthdays because it means, well, you’re getting older. But Linsey pointed out that birthdays are a luxury not everyone gets to have. I never looked at a birthday the same since. For those of you who don’t know, a few months ago, Linsey was walking to her car, on a sidewalk and got hit by a car. It was a fluke accident. She had both her ankles crushed (one foot literally facing the wrong direction) and was rushed into emergency surgery. At first it wasn’t clear if she would ever walk again. Not only is she walking 3 months later (when they said it would be 6) she is working out again! Talk about a fighter. I truly admire Linsey’s mind set. She’s strong, she’s afighter and she’s inspiring to us all.
Instagram: @Ohmygodfrey Twitter: @LinseyGodfrey

Who inspires you? Make sure to let them know how much you love and value them! We are all fighting the good fight out there. There is nothing better than feeling appreciated & loved by those around you.

  • I really enjoyed the write ups on these wonderful ladies! I am a B&B fan and a Canadian! Linsey really is a walking miracle!XO

  • What a great post, probably one of my favourite.I to am a B&B fan and it was nice to read more about the wonderful ladies who’s work we enjoy watching so much.
    There is something beautiful about seeing women empower other woman, and supporting each other.
    Brilliant Kelly, I am sure these ladies would have the loveliest things to say about you to!

  • wonderful & beautiful lovely ladies!!be happy to have such good girlfriends!!xo❤❤

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